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If you had to cut down a tree, would you rather use an axe or a baseball bat? When you set clear goals, it’s sort of like focusing the full force of your willpower into a potent knife-edge. Put simply, setting goals lets you get more out of your time.

Do beekepers make good programers

Since our ancestor settled down in fertile regions and stopped their hunting and gathering culture to make way to new inventions, they had great interest towards one insect. The Honey Bee. Why?

How to write a bio

Most writers I know, hate writing their bio. We really do not like to write about ourselves, so no matter how long you do this for it will always be a bit awkward. However, as we embark on our quest for information, the author bio is our first port of call.

Introduction to blogging

Blog has become a norm in modern marketing. From educating and building brand awareness, blog connects customers, in a crucial way to build their trust. You read many of them; some were good while others reached greatness. What makes a successful blog?

Ailuros Origins

In the same time, at the very same conference, they caught sight of a mysterious programmer, Gabriel. It happened that Vukasin knew him and even worked on few projects with him. They devised a plan to bring this key player into the game.