We are Ailuros Digital

We think therefore we create - but we can`t craft the world alone.
That’s why we created Ailuros Digital:
To be the wind driving your ideas. Do it all pitstop Digital Agency.

Who we are

We attack every idea with wisdom and precision. Prowling in fields like programming, design, art, and literature.
Unified to be your one does it all Digital Agency.
Our motto, “transparency is key of trust,” is reflected both in our organizational system and client communication. We take great pride in being original, innovating and yet keeping a flavor of tradition.
Like a house cat, domesticated yet wild, we approach any problem with this duality, wisdom of a tried path and boldness to push toward new horizons.

Let us become the builders of your dreams.

Coming from Serbia, Romania, Hungary and Slovenia, we excel at providing premium products with highest standards.

Web Design & Development

No, it`s not a glitch in the matrix it`s a syntax error. Yes, it`s a language and a programmer is a computer whisperer. As with any language it takes time and effort to master it but the satisfaction to have a professional and working internet presentation is priceless.

Graphic Design

Our thoughts are abstract and it`s hard to translate them into the physical world. Thys the art of Graphic design was born. Medium channeling ideas into reality.


When you pull I push, when you push I pull, is the fundament of Aikido. The market is a complex being and harnessing its energies to come on top of a trend is tricky business. For centuries generals used The Art of War for their success. So do we to design the best strategies to get your product on top.

2D and 3D Animations

Prometheus stole fire from heaven to animate his clay man. Since then humankind made shadow theaters, puppets, and even robots. This primal passion to mimic life stayed with us for thousands of years and it doesn`t seem to go away anytime soon.

3D Design

D is for Dimension. A whole new dimension. The dimension we live in. Almost there for the touch. Just reach your hand and seize it.


Copywriter smiths words that enamor you, lift you or hurl you down into the abyss of depression. They trick you and hold you by a string. That is like magic.

Seeing is believing